Coordinamento Torino Pride deals with activities and projects to achieve its goals. This activities are carried out in collaboration with the volunteers, the member associations and all the friendly stakeholders.

The projects starts from our core purpose: raising awareness on LGBTQI+ rights and issues with an extend to related causes too. Many of these purposes are included in the political document that is presented at demonstrations like Pride and Transgender Day of Remembrance.

A travel activity that will allow to retrace the history of the “forgotten” extermination but also to face the dramatic discrimination of today: in fact, Prague, Krakow and Budapest are places where even today the life for LGBTQI+ people it is not easy.

We carry out awareness and information activities in various areas: staff of the Public Administration as well as teachers and students. The goal is to overcome prejudices and discrimination but also promote the culture of “differences”.

Aria network is a service that was designed for youngs aged from 14 to 21 where you can be welcomed and listened to, where you can express yourself and discuss with expert figures and with your peers to find answers to the big and small problems that everybody may encounter at that age.