The Transgender Day of Remembrance is a celebration of the LGBTQI+ community that was created to commemorate the victims of hate and prejudice towards transgender people, better known as transphobia.

The event is traditionally celebrated on November 20th and was introduced in memory of Rita Hester was murdered in 1998, event that started the web project “Remembering Our Dead“. This project led in 1999 to a candlelight flashmob in San Francisco. The event then grew to include commemorations in hundreds of cities around the world.

Every year in Turin various events are organized on the occasion of the TDoR, including the commemoration in a central square of the city.

The Trans Freedom March.

Since 2014 Coordinamento Torino Pride has decided to celebrate this anniversary with a march around the city called “Trans Freedom March”. We let’s go to the streets to commemorate the victims of transphobia and to ask rights and respect for transgender people.

Le edizioni della Trans Freedom March.